"Bringing sanity to the client side"


At last! The new SmartTable revision is here.

You can see all the new features in action in the Demos Section.

Read the How-To Guide and the API for complete explanation of everything. I will be adding new discussions here and in the forum about the techniques and design of ClientsideTech features.

The new features include:

  • Mouseover highlighting of rows or cells
  • Customizable sort indicator
  • Three different pagination styles to choose from, plus the ability to customize your own
  • Pagination rendered at the top, bottom, or both.
  • An open search API allowing custom searches
  • Ability to search using a cumulative filter
  • Two edit display modes: regular and "hotswap"
  • New checkbox edit mode
  • Improved handling of data types: dates, numbers, strings
  • Automatic data entry validation for dates (mm/dd/yyyy) and numbers
  • An open API for adding your own validators

More Utilities

ClientsideTech now has a more robust comprehensive set of utilites including :

  1. SmartLogger
  2. DOMCloner
  3. DOMHelper
  4. SelectMenuHelper
  5. FormHelper
  6. XMLHelper
  7. ArraySearcher
  8. ArraySerializer
  9. ParameterCollection
These are all part of the CliensideTech.js file avaiable for download.

Everything from Clientside Tech is built using only javascript and CSS. There are no changes or additions required on your server in order to use them. Thus they work for any and all appservers and webservers.

All Clientside Tech products are fully W3C compliant. They are compatible with all recent IE and mozilla based browsers.

Copyright 2004-2005 Nate Grover, Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons license